Newborn Doll Artist Contest

Newborn Doll Artist Contest

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1 fee per entry (non-refundable)

Contestants may enter multiple dolls

You will be judged on every detail of your doll for realism in creating a Newborn baby.


Must be between 18”-20” in length

Weight must be no more than 5lbs per doll. Artist must demonstrate their ability to distribute weight with realism.

All contests are based on the artist’s ability to create dolls based on their experience, technical skills, attention to detail and presentation. 

We encourage artists to enter more than one doll to demonstrate range and consistency. 

Contestants are reminded to respect the opinions of our judges.  Any sign or reports of poor sportsmanship, disruption of the contest or other contestants, will result in disqualification.

Official Contest Rules

*does not include showroom admission, you must pay $15 cash at the door the day of the contest  or purchase a 3-Day Convention Pass online 

**vendors are exempt from showroom admission fees

Good Luck!


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