We are looking for the
#1 Doll Artist of 2019
*Contest Entry Fee   $25
All entries must be prepaid online.
1 doll per entry, Unlimited entries. 
You may enter more than one doll in more than one category. 
Contest entry deadline is March 31, 2019
*does not include admission fees, contestants must pay $15 cash onsite or 3-Day Convention Pass online, separately
I submitted my entry what now?
The name you provided at checkout will be placed on our contestant list. Please ensure you leave your proper email for further information closer to the show date
Saturday June 1st - Contest Day
All contestants must register their doll in the designated area at the show. You will then receive your contestant number. (This is a random number)
Your doll must be ready for judging with any and all accessories on hand for final styling. Once your doll is registered you will not have access to your doll until judging is completed.
Semi-Finals will be announced
People’s Choice voting begins
Winners will be announced and awarded
Contest Rules
Contestants must be the only creator of the doll. Artist collaboration dolls will not be accepted and is cause for immediate disqualification.
Any misrepresentation or infringement of any artists’ copyrights will be cause for immediate disqualification and ban from any and all IAC events. This is finite and nonnegotiable. 
Contestants are expected to behave in a professional and respectful manner to ensure fair and friendly competition.  Unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in immediate disqualification.
Contestants will be judged based on the criteria of their category. Please review your contest requirements on our website.
Contestants may encourage family, friends and fans to vote for their doll once the People’s Choice voting begins.
Contestants are expected to have a ton of fun, make new friends and cheer each other on, this is also definitely nonnegotiable and finite.
Enjoy the show and may the best doll artist win!